Obeying the law

For many years, we’ve faced the problem of drunken drivers on the road. We’ve not only seen the statistics on alcohol-related deaths, but we may have even seen our family and friends die at the hands of a drunken driver. Most of us have wondered if there are drunk driving solutions that will control the problem, but unfortunately even in the 21st century we have not yet found the answer.

The problem of drinking and driving begins with our teenagers. As parents, we have the responsibility of teaching our teenagers how to behave safely when they are behind the wheel of a car. Teenagers drinking and driving is a serious problem and one that will continue into adulthood. The answer to the problem is to begin teaching them early to develop safe driving habits and increase the chance they will continue those habits when they leave home. Some of the most important things to teach our children include the following:

Never drive after drinking no matter how close you are to home. Drinking and driving put not only your life in danger but that of others on the road as well, If you go to a party where there is drinking either stay there for the night or call someone for a ride (your parents would rather have you wake them up for a ride than have the police wake them up because you have been in an accident) and lastly Be accountable and always have a designated driver.

One thing that seems to be difficult for many people to understand (or at least it appears that way) is the purpose of obeying the laws of drunk driving. Teenagers and young people are especially prone to this type of questioning and often do not believe anything bad will happen to them. This is why it is so essential for parents to teach their children the importance of obeying the laws as soon as they begin driving.


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